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The art of bucket drumming has a rich history of being used as a folk instrument. Remember, folk means of the people", in street performances and as performance art pieces. Bucket drumming is an inexpensive opportunity for males & females of all ages, beginner or advanced to develop and enhance rhythmic skills, tone muscles and burn calories all at once. It is also a great way to introduce and prepare the novice bucket drummer for the world of traditional drum lessons.


Studies find that participating in drumming activities leads to significant social and emotional improvements for the students involved. Research has provided support for the positive effect of drumming experiences on social behaviors, grief, self expression, self esteem, group behavioral issues, bimanual coordination, and learning for children and adults both with and without disabilities. For children with special needs, drumming can be a powerful tool to help them address needs in the areas of motor strength and control, speech and communication, social skills, emotional expression, and cognition. For those who seek to take advantage of the satisfying and therapeutic aspects of group drumming, we invite you to take your first steps to honing a musical skill of absolute enjoyment. iBucketdrum music & arts images iBucketdrum music & arts images iBucketdrum music & arts images iBucketdrum music & arts images iBucketdrum music & arts images


Certified Vendor by the New York State Board of Education. iBucketdrum music and arts program primary focus is teaching bucket drumming and rhythmic music creation on objects (non musical instrument). Founded in 2005 by Jared "Choclatt" Crawford. One of the foremost authorities, and world renowned bucket drummers from the subways and streets of New York City. He was also featured by Tedx New York and more.

We provide group packages and private lessons for Schools, corporate events, parties etc. All ages male, female, beginner or advanced are all welcome. For donations and introductory specials, click link button below and let us know your request.

Nickelodeon Buckets music Ep.1

Choclattjared teams up with all the stars of Nickelodeon on 3 episode mini series entitled "Buckets Music"

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